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The voice is that of Dave Kohl, who is available to bring his 35+ years of professional broadcasting and announcing experience to your business!

Let his enthusiastic delivery get the job done for you. Whether it is a fun time, a hard sell, helping to train employees or staff, or to enhance a radio or TV commercial, you can't go wrong.

Kohl brings you the advantage of being much more than just a great voice. His many years of advertising and marketing experience can shine for you at the same time. He can also punch up your script and do even more to help sell to or train your audience!

There are more and more opportunities for businesses to use video to their advantage, and the right voice can make a big difference.

Whether for a CD or DVD to distribute which describes your products or services to potential customers, a lobby or auditorium presentation for groups, employee training, or instructional, your business can now sound professional with every representation.

Announcer For Hire can create expert copy along with providing a professional narration for video segments for your web site(s).

Demonstrate your products and services, provide video FAQ's, and show your potential customers the benefits of buying while they visit your site(s)!
Dave Kohl
"Announcer For Hire"
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"Let me be the VOICE of YOUR business!"
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Let Me Be The Voice of Your Business!!
Company imaging is available at a lower cost than you would think. Be the only business in your category or market area to have this distinct professional voice represent it everywhere.

Have the same voice on your phone system, your instructional videos, your web site, and on your radio or TV commercials. Everywhere your company is represented. When they hear this voice, they will know it is your company right away!!

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Dave Kohl has created more than 12,000 unique advertisements for properties which have sold around the country via various telephone hotlines, newspapers, magazines, web sites, TV, and radio stations. With more than 25 years of real estate and mortgage related advertising and marketing experience, Kohl has worked for real estate agents and offices, property owners and investors, and in media sales.

Kohl, author of "8 Hours To Sell Your Home" as an audio book, has also mastered the art of turning book content into an easy to listen to complete audio presentation.
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